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Holistic & Art

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Healing from the inside.

Michelle is a doubly qualified therapist, certified in both Holistic psychotherapy and Art therapy.

Her breadth of life experience and playful creativity gives her work a unique and profound wisdom.

In Michelle’s own words:

"I love holding space with my clients and delving deeply into, and find clarity around, old wounds and patterns. It feels an honour to witness these old places and stories in us, and instead of using the term of ‘letting go of what no longer serves us’ I like to offer gratitude, patience and compassion to these places. On this pathway, together, we find expansion and joy in our own self and life. This is healing from the inside."

"I'd love to work with you."

If you would like to book a session with Michelle please follow this link

Michelle is a participating therapist in the all new Community Clinic hosted by graduates of Lee Trew's Connection Culture training. Offered every third Tuesday of the month, book in for some quality therapy at affordable rates. Book in here -

About Michelle

Michelle has a background in the Arts having worked in the Sydney arts scene as a Gallery Manager, Curator and Founding Member of Knot Gallery and 107 Projects, Creative Director of Reef Knot Public Art Projects and as a freelance textile artist, with specific training in weaving and colour. Her love of community projects led her to complete her Certificate of Art Therapy, realising that her her joy really lay in holding space for people as they told their stories while making something. Parenting her two children in connected ways led her to discovering the Bluegum Bushcamps run by Lee Trew and Gina Chick. Here she was introduced to Rapport Based Relating, which added to her understanding of Hand-in-Hand parenting, and also led her to complete her Certificate of Holistic Psychotherapy. 

Michelle is a vibrant, creative and fun person, who is not afraid of dark places. She is able to offer lots of ideas around expression and release, as well as everyday tools for living.

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What to expect from a session with Michelle

One of Michelle's teachers, Lee Trew, describes Holistic Psychotherapy as "it's really just a healthy chat with a kind person who is equipped with the psychological and emotional literacy to listen beneath the surface and guide a client gently to deeper clarity and self-knowledge... In the more traditional life of our human ancestors, it was the elders who fulfilled this role - being a person you can turn to for support and guidance when things are tough. Therapy really works and can be life-changing."

On top of this, Art Therapy adds a pathway for expression, release and real insight. The way Michelle uses it is to not just draw, make or dance a feeling, but then to look at and read that feeling -to ask that feeling for its wisdom. The use of Art Therapy is particularly effective for people who find it difficult to talk about what is going on for them and can include children, teenagers and any non-verbal state in a person of any age. It is particularly useful for trauma-work. During one-on-one therapy sessions, either in person or online via zoom, clients experience a nurturing and safe environment while benefiting from techniques that may include Narrative or Somatic work, Guided Imagery and Meditation, parts work as well as numerous art-making practises (Michelle has a particular love of textiles and loves to include this  - though of course only if it suits the client).

At the outset of each session, Michelle ensures your comfort and establishes agreements to honour your needs and boundaries. She holds the space while you move towards your goals and remains open to addressing any emerging needs. Clients often emerge from sessions feeling lighter, peaceful, aware and expansive. 



Tuesday - Thursday: 10am - 4pm online 
​Sunday: 10-4PM in-person

@Saltbush Clinic, Moore St, Austinmer

NB Art Therapy sessions with kids and teenagers are often better in-person. If you are based in the Northern Illawarra Michelle can come to you - just send her an email.

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